President Peres opens Hebrew University exhibit at Presidential Conference
The exhibit is the largest showcase of the Hebrew University ever undertaken, providing visitors with a behind-the-scenes glimpse at groundbreaking research.
Seeing with your ears
Dr. Amir Amedi on Seeing with Your Ears at YOUR HEALTH® radion.
Peres and Prof. Idan Segev and Prof. Va'adia
Israeli president launched joint Israeli-Swiss research fund.
BAW 2011: Jerusalem Post
Prof. Idan Segev in an interview for the J. Post about the brain awareness week.
BAW 2011: Globes
Interview with Prof. Idan Segev.
BAW 2011: Jerusalem Time Out Magazine
Article in Jerusalem Time Out magazine.
The portion of the brain responsible for visual reading doesn't require vision at all, according to a new study by researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and France.
Brain’s Reading Center Isn’t Picky About Vision
New York Times: The part of the brain thought to be responsible for processing visual text may not require vision at all, researchers report in the journal Current Biology.
Auditory Neuroscience book cover
Auditory Neuroscience, Making Sense of Sound. A new book by Jan Schnupp, Israel Nelken and Andrew King.
green eye
A new study, carried out by researchers from the Hebrew University and from Harvard University, suggests that the human brain includes a built-in stabilizing mechanism as in some cameras.