Mezer’s Lab: Paper of the Month, October 2020

A Erramuzpe, R Schurr, J D Yeatman, I H Gotlib, M D Sacchet, K E Travis, H M Feldman, A A Mezer
A Comparison of Quantitative R1 and Cortical Thickness in Identifying Age, Lifespan Dynamics, and Disease States of the Human Cortex, Cerebral Cortex, , bhaa288


Lay summary: 
In this collaborative work between researchers from ELSC and Stanford University we mapped a measure called R1 in the cortex. R1 provides accurate information about the microstructural properties of the brain. We show how R1 can predict age. Additionally, we tested a cohort of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients against our (healthy) age prediction model. The MS patients were predicted significantly older than their real age when using R1. We also observed additional parameters, like cortical thickness, that are correlated with R1.

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