ELSC Member’s Publications January – June 2020

During the first half of 2020 ELSC members have published over 50 peer-reviewed papers, with publications in leading journals in the field of neuroscience, such as Nature Neuroscience, Cell, Nature Communications, Neuron, J Neuroscience and more.

The list of publications demonstrates the commitment of ELSC members to creating scientific collaborations among researchers from different fields of brain sciences. These collaborations are manifested in a number of joint publications, for example:

Hagai Bergman collaborating with Eilon Vaadia on microstimulation differentially that modulates beta oscillations and affects behavior; Adi Mizrahi, Hermona Soreq and Mickey London on functional characterization of cortical ChAT/VIP interneurons and their effect on the circuit in vivo; and Yosef Yarom and Eran Meshorer on progerin-induced transcriptional changes in huntington's disease.