Paper of the Month, August 2019 (Mezer's Lab)

Disentangling molecular alterations from water-content changes in the aging human brain using quantitative MRI

Authors: Shir Filo, Oshrat Shtangel, Noga Salamon, Adi Kol, Batsheva Weisinger, Sagiv Shifman and Aviv A. Mezer


Published in Nature Communications on July 2019


The Mezer researcher group have created a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technique that can measure molecular changes in the brain. The team presented their findings in this paper entitled “Non-invasive detection of age-related molecular profiles in the human brain. They successfully transformed the MRI from a device that diagnoses conditions into one that can record changes in the biological makeup of brain tissue.  This is especially important for medical doctors who need to understand more quickly whether a patient is merely getting older or is developing a neurodegenerative disease. Both normal aging and neurodegenerative diseases create biological “footprints” in the brain, changing the lipid and protein content of brain tissue.  While current MRI scans provide only pictures of the human brain, this new technique provides biological readouts of brain tissue – the ability to see what is changing at a molecular level. 

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