Article of the Month, June 2019 (Citri's lab)

Title: The role of the genome in experience-dependent plasticity: Extending the analogy of the genomic action potential

Author: David F. Clayton, Ina Anreiter, Maria Aristizabal, Paul W. Frankland, Elisabeth B. Binder, and Ami Citri


Published in PNAS first published May 24, 2019


We are the cumulative product of past events, which define our interactions with the world around us. The genome has evolved as a template, on which processes of plasticity can record experience at multiple timescales, from milliseconds to millennia, defining the behavioral output of individuals and communities.  In this publication we review the recent advances in this field, emphasizing novel findings regarding the functions of genome-associated plasticity, mechanisms of allocation of memory to ensembles and the role of epigenetics, including non-coding RNA. Using the stress response as an example, we explore the systems-level view of the role of the genome in encoding information. Finally, we provide a roadmap for developing future research in this field.