Papers of the month - April 2020


Phase-Specific Microstimulation Differentially Modulates Beta Oscillations and Affects Behavior

Authors: Oren Peles, Uri Werner-Reiss, Hagai Bergman, Zvi Israel, Eilon Vaadia

Vaadia's Lab

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Logical negation mapped onto the brain

Authors: Grodzinsky, Y., Deschamps, I., Pieperhoff, P. et al.

Grodzinsky's Lab

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Predicted Archaic 3D Genome Organization Reveals Genes Related to Head and Spinal Cord Separating Modern from Archaic Humans

Authors: Daniel Batyrev, Elisheva Lapid, Liran Carmel & Eran Meshorer

Meshorer's Lab

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Neuron_Reduce - a brand new tool to simplify complex neuron models

Authors: Amsalem, O., Eyal, G., Rogozinski, N. et al.

Segev's Lab

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