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The Hebrew University's 82nd Board of Governors Meeting

The Hebrew University's 82nd Board of Governors Meeting opening event, which took place on the night of Saturday, June 15, was held at the Goodman building for brain sciences.

The Mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Moshe Leon, stated in his opening remarks that: "The Hebrew University is leading the way to Jerusalem's technological future". 

(Photos by Bruno Charbit and Yossi Zamir)

In the spotlight - Striking the pain at its root

The sensation of pain protects organisms against potential dangers. This role is fulfilled by cell called nociceptive neurons – neurons devoted to pain. Nociceptive neurons convey noxious stimuli using electrical impulses, known as «spikes », from a peripheral tissue such as the skin and into the brain, where it is interpreted as pain. Pain intensity depends on the number of spikes: the more spikes in a short time, the more painful is the sensation. The conversion of a noxious stimulus into electrical signals originates in the terminals of the nociceptive neurons.

Congratulations Shir Filo

The Azrieli Fellows Program promotes excellence in graduate studies at accredited institutions of higher learning in Israel. This competitive and prestigious program provides generous financial support to the best and brightest graduate students, from Israel and abroad, who will use their training to become leaders in their respective fields.