Lab Members

Maciek Jankowski

Post Doc

Fields of interest:

Auditory information processing, neuronal representation of behaviourally relevant sounds, neural substrates of spatial memory and motivation, neural correlates of behavior,  extracellular electrophysiology, behavioral effects of electrical brain stimulation, brain-machine interfaces, novel neurotechnologies, testing and development of new types of extracellular electrodes, chronic moveable microelectrode arrays – wire electrode and silicone probe based technology, comparative neuroanatomy, instrumental and classical conditioning, neurophysiology and neuroplasticity of the brain dopaminergic systems, mechanisms of addiction, behavioral pharmacology.

Academic background:

Postdoctoral fellow – Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland,Professor Shane O’ Mara group (spatial and temporal properties of neurons in the anterior and midline thalamic nuclei and in the anterior claustrum – single-unit recordings in freely moving rats).

PhD in Physiology – Immunopharmacology, Department of Animal Physiology, University of Gdansk (Effects of repeated intravenous administration of cocaine on the distribution of lymphocyte subsets in the peripheral blood and spleen of rats, supervisor: Professor Arthur H. Swiergiel).

MSc in Biology – Neurophysiology, Department of Animal Physiology, University of Gdansk (Effects of unilateral lesion of the nucleus accumbens on feeding behaviour evoked by electrical stimulation of the contralateral ventral tegmental area in rats, supervisor: Professor Weronika Trojniar).

Israel Nelken

Israel Nelken


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“Working memory”