Article of the Month

Size constancy following long-term visual deprivation
AOM - 0817
Dynamic changes in murine forebrain miR-211 expression associate with cholinergic imbalances and epileptiform activity
Article of the Month, July 2017 (Burak's lab)
An efficient coding theory for a dynamic trajectory predicts non-uniform allocation of entorhinal grid cells to modules
Article of the Month, July 2017 (Mezer's lab)
Evaluating g-ratio weighted changes in the corpus callosum as a function of age and sex
Article of the Month, 06/2017 - Burak's lab
Slow diffusive dynamics in a chaotic balanced neural network Authors: Shaham & Burak Published in PLoS Computational Biology, May 2017   Summary:
Article of the Month, 06/2017 - Minke's lab
Authors: Voolstra et al. (Baruch Minke's Lab)
Article of the Month, April 2017 - Nelken's lab
Stimulus-specific adaptation in a recurrent network model of primary auditory cortex  
Article of the Month, 04/2017 - Minke's lab
Ectopic expression of mouse melanopsin in Drosophila photoreceptors reveals fast response kinetics and persistent dark excitation
Article of the Month, March 2017 - Deouell's lab
Neural mechanisms of rhythm-based temporal prediction: Delta phase-locking reflects temporal predictability but not rhythmic entrainment
Article of the Month 02/2017 - Segev's lab
Unique membrane properties and enhanced signal processing in human neocortical neurons