2011-2012 Seminars

ELSC-ICNC Seminar: Mark Shein-Idelson
June 7, 2012
On the topic of: "Modular topology introduces gating in neuronal networks through excitation-inhibition balance "
ELSC-ICNC Seminar: Germán Sumbre
June 21, 2012
On the topic of: Ongoing spontaneous activity dynamics of large neural circuits in zebrafish larvae
ELSC-ICNC Seminar:  Alexander Borst
June 14, 2012
On the topic of: In Search of the Holy Grail of Fly Motion Vision
ELSC-ICNC Seminar: Alon Chen
May 3, 2012
On the topic of: Dissecting the central stress response using site-specific genetic manipulation in adult mice
ELSC-ICNC Seminar: Bart De Strooper
May 31, 2012
On the topic of: “The role of LRRK2 in synaptic vesicle recycling and potential relevance for Parkinson disease”
ELSC-ICNC Seminar: Oren Shriki
May 24, 2012
On the topic of: Neuronal Avalanches in the Resting MEG of the Human Brain
Nachum Soroker
May 10, 2012
On the topic of: Conscious perception following unilateral and bilateral parietal damage
ELSC-ICNC Seminar: Amos Arieli
May 17, 2012
On the topic of: Eye-Brain dynamics during the emergence of visual perceptual awareness in Humans
ELSC-ICNC Seminar: Yoram Ben-Shaul
April 19, 2012
On the topic of: Studying the neuronal events and circuits that mediate social behaviors
ELSC-ICNC Seminar: Yizhar Bar Gad
March 29, 2012
On the topic of: Decorrelation breakdown in the abnormal basal ganglia