Oren  Amsalem
Ph.D student Effect of gap junctions on network dynamics.
Ohad  Dan
M.Sc student Dendritic computation of visual motion.
Michael  Doron
Ph.D student Neuronal Computation of Motion Perception in Drosophila.
Guy  Eyal
Ph.D student Modeling human neurons.
Eyal  Gal
Ph.D student Wiring specificities of synaptic connectivity within neocortical microcircuits.
Etay  Hay
Signal processing in cortical microcircuits
Toviah  Moldwin
Ph.D student: Implementation of learning algorithms in realistic model neurons.
Yoav  Tal
Ph.D student Orientation selectivity in mouse visual cortex.
Siwei  Wang
Postdoc Hierarchical representation and information transmission in fly visual system.