Rates and order forms

Ordering any of the EVCF services is a simple and straightforward process.

The following information is required to complete the order for EVCF services:

1) The researcher is required to submit the service request through EVCF order form.

    Order form for custom recombinant viral vector production

2) Estimated delivery times depend on virus type and and may vary according to EVCF pending orders. Typical production times are:

  •  rAAV: about 3 weeks
  •  rLV: about 1 week
  •  DNA plasmid amplification: about 1 week

For individual order supply times please contact EVCF directly.

3) Materials and reagents supplied by the researchers:

  •  40-80 µg of the LV or AAV plasmids. DNA must be produced by endotoxin-free protocol (endo-free midi/maxi plasmid purification  kit);
  •  Plasmid DNA must be of high purity, with A260/280 ratio >1.8;
  •  AAV ITR-containing plasmids must be checked for recombination by digestion with SmaI or XmaI enzymes, confirmed by the gel  image  supplied;
  •  Lentiviral plasmids must be digested with the corresponding restriction enzymes to confirm the correct insert size; also confirmed  by the gel image;
  •  Vector map, sequence file and any special requirements for handling (toxicity, oncogenicity, pro-apoptotic activity, etc.) are  required to complete a service order.

4) The payment will be charged from the ordering laboratory upon the completion of rAAV/rLV vector preparation. Standard form 29 (טופס 29) is required to be filled for this purpose. 

 Small and large scale virus preparations can be ordered:  

  •  Small scale rAAV production (crude purification only, yields mixed population of empty and full viral particles);
  •  Large scale rAAV production (iodixanol purification, yields full virions); 
  •  rLV production scale depends on required target virus preparation volume and should be specified upon the order.



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