The ENU MRI club is a community of students in the Hebrew University, from the various MRI research groups in the three campuses.

The club’s aim is to foster knowledge-sharing between students, enable people to present and discuss their research, and learn relevant MRI-related subjects.

The meetings consist of discussion and presentation of projects at different stages of completion and learning of relevant methods of structural and functional MRI research.

The meetings take place in Givat Ram, ELSC small seminar room,Silberman building 6th floor, Sundays every 3-4 weeks.

  The exact schedule is dynamic and notifications are sent before each meeting. To register for notification or for any other question, please contact the current MRI club organizer Michael Peer,

 Next meeting TBA

Previous meetings:

Amnon Yacoby on the topic of : clusters voxels. How can we use cluster-wise inference methods in group based fMRI analyses?(8.5.16)

Henry Brice - talked about his fMRI research: Neuronal overlap as a measure of language learning and statistical learning. Henry discussed his research, which is a longitudinal project on language acquisition. (20.3.16)

Michael Peer - Clustering analysis for identification of resting-state networks; background, uses and practical examples.(6.12.16)

Roey Schurr - To K-space and beyond: the principle of K-space and MRI encoding. (3.1.16)

Shachar Maidenbaum - Virtual-reality paradigms in fMRI how to design and analyze more natural/ecologic paradigms, in which the subject freely explores virtual environments, and give examples from his research in the Amedi lab on visual rehabilitation for the blind.(31.1.16)