Why Come To ELSC?

Postdoctoral fellows enjoy the full benefits of the ELSC environment, including:

  • State-of-the-art laboratories and central shared facilities such as fMRI, 2-photon imaging, electron microscopy, and virus facilities;
  • A distinguished existing faculty with varied research interests as well as top Ph.D. students from the highly-regarded interdisciplinary program in computational neuroscience;
  • A focus on inter-departmental multidisciplinary collaboration, as well as on-campus proximity to related disciplines, such as engineering, physics, and life sciences;
  • Enriched academic milieu that includes weekly seminars, guest lectures, social events and annual conferences that bring together world-renowned experts;
  • Established ties and frequent collaborations with world renowned labs, including Max Planck Institute (MPI), University College London’s (UCL), Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit, Columbia University, and EPFL’s Brain Mind Institute;
  • Opportunities to audit advanced courses in computational and systems neuroscience, molecular and cognitive neuroscience, and others;
  • Efficient administrative support, provided by a dedicated staff;


Prof. Haim Sompolinsky teaches