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Fusing Mind and Brain

  • A New Brain Research Agenda at the Hebrew University
  • Building on Excellence
  • Neurosurgery and Neuronal Disorders
  • Consciousness and cognition
  • Reorganizing the Brain for Sensory Substitution
  • Genes: a Key to Curing Neurological Disease
  • Discovering the Fundamental Laws of the Brain
  • Understanding Hearing: New findings on the auditory cortex





Ph.D. Program in Brain Research

  • Who Are We? 
  • ELSC’s Ph.D. Program
  • Why the Hebrew University?
  • Why Jerusalem?
  • Admissions





One-Year Fellowships for Studying Brain Sciences in Jerusalem

  • Who Are We? 
  • Why Study at ELSC?
  • Core Courses
  • Why the Hebrew University?
  • Why Jerusalem?
  • The Program
  • Application
  • Support




Postdoctoral Positions at ELSC

  • ELSC invites applications for postdoctoral fellows in the following
  • Postdoctoral fellows enjoy the full benefits of the ELSC
  • Specific emphasis will be placed on modern interdisciplinary
  • Applicants with a record of excellence and independent




Tenure Track at ELSC

  • ELSC invites applications for tenure track positions in the following
    fields: theoretical and computational neuroscience, systems
    neuroscience, molecular and cellular mechanisms, cognitive
    neuroscience, and neuronal circuits.
  • Why work at ELSC?