51Blue is a Start-up company - Job Offer (Freelance Researcher)

51Blue is a Start-Up company focusing on the training of our Emotional Brain. 

Seminars and The Comprehensive ‘51Blue Training App’ are expected to be launched in 2018. 


51Blue is based on a Psychological Theory and Training Methodology developed by founder Gino Gross (MSc, MA, PGC, Rabbi). 51Blue has been researching the connection between Human Behaviour and accompanying changes in a) Somatic Emotional Experiences b) Bodily Functioning (e.g. Quality of Breath and Muscles Tone), and c) Types of Thinking and Concentration.  51Blue discovered 5 distinct Emotional /Motivational States, and a Training Methodology to influence these 5 States. 


51Blue is currently seeking a Freelance Researcher (Not Lab based) to identify publications and ongoing research in Brain Science that directly relates to the ‘51Blue theory of 5 Emotional States’. 


Initial research will focus on the connection between these 5 Emotional/Motivational States and the activation of specific Brain Systems, including the Fight/Flight and Reward System, and the Default Mode Network. Additional research efforts will focus on the connections between these 5 States and the activation of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System, as well as the connections between these 5 States and Hormonal changes.


In the long term, research results will endeavour to validate the ‘51Blue Theory of 5 States’ and contribute to further developments of the Theory. Research will also point to opportunities of collaboration with existing Research Labs, Authors of Publications, and Academic Bodies .


The applicant will have trained in Psychology and Brain Science, with a special focus on Emotions. The applicant will hold a PhD and have research background.


(This Freelance Research Job, is an ideal ‘side job’, in addition to other existing bigger commitments. Since the research is not lab based, workplace and work-hours are completely flexible. It is anticipated to start with a few hours per week).  


To apply or for further information please contact:

Gino Gross on 054 9034259 or by email at 221a221b@gmail.com