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Naomi Habib

Assistant Professor

Cognitive decline and resilience lab

We are interested in solving the secret of cognitive resilience. The cellular microenvironment in the brain is composed of multiple cell types, including neurons, astrocytes, microglia, vascular and other cells, and we are studying how interactions between different cell types in the brain are contributing to cognitive decline and to cognitive resilience, in particular in the context of aging-related pathologies. We also study how interactions between the brain and other systems in the aging body, such as immune and metabolic signaling, are mediating aging-related pathologies. The work is done using human brain tissue, animal models and cell cultures, combining cutting-edge technologies in the fields of genomics, imaging, molecular biology, and genome engineering, with advanced computational analysis and modeling. Specifically, we are pioneering the development and application of single nucleus RNA-sequencing technologies.


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Phone: +972- 2-5494818

office location: Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Givat Ram Campus. Goodman Building. Office 2201.

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