Idan Segev

Professor Emeritus

The David and Inez Myers Chair in Neural Computation

The lab for understanding neurons
Drahi Brain Computation & Communication Laboratory

Neurons - these aesthetic elementary microchips of the brain and their synapses change as they receive and transmit information. This enables us to learn and adapt to the complicated environment around us, have new ideas and create new “brain inspired” learning machines, Art and Science. A deep understanding of a computing and learning system such as our own brain requires understanding the computational and plastic functions of its basic components - the nerve cells, their synapses and the specific neuronal networks that they form. Our laboratory utilizes detailed computer simulations of detailed cortical circuits (as part of the Blue Brain Project), big data and machine learning approaches, and analytic methods to study the relationships between neurons' geometry, network connectivity/plasticity and network dynamics. A recent challenge at the lab. is to understand the unique properties of Human cortical neurons and cortical circuits, measured in fresh human tissue obtained following brain operations, and in close collaboration with several international groups (under the "Cell Census" NIH BRAIN Initiative).


The David & Inez Myers Chair in Computational Neuroscience

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Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences,
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