Chaya Kalcheim


Siegfried and Alice Menkes Chair in Cancer Research and Experimental Medicine

Developmental Neurobiology lab

Our laboratory aims at elucidating basic processes that concern the embryonic development of the nervous system. We focus on three main subjects: first, the development  of the peripheral nervous system (PNS) from the neural crest. Second, the cellular and molecular basis underlying the transition from the neural crest state (PNS)  to the definitive roof plate of the CNS. Third, the molecular signals that mediate interactions between mesoderm and nervous system, found to be of significance for neural patterning and differentiation. 


2018 Career Award, Israeli Society for Developmental Biology.

2017- Prusiner-Abramsky prize in Neurosciences

2010-2013: FRIAS Fellow. Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies and LifeNet

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Open Positions

We search for excellent PhD and post-doctoral fellows interested in Developmental aspects of the nervous system.


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Phone: 02-6758438

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Address: Dept. of Medical Neurobiology. IMRIC and ELSC-
Faculty of Medicine, 6th floor, rooms 46-48