ELSC Seminar: March 26th, 2019

ELSC cordially invites you to the lecture given by:


Dr. Bruno Averbeck



On the topic of:

“Neural systems underlying reinforcement learning”


I will discuss recent work on the neural circuitry underlying model-free and model-based reinforcement learning (RL).  While there has been considerable focus on dopamine and its action in the striatum, particularly for model-free RL, our recent work has shown that the amygdala also plays an important role in these processes.  We have further found that the amygdala and striatum learn in parallel.  However, the amygdala learns more rapidly than the striatum.  Therefore, each structure tends to be optimized for different reward environments.  Overall, the work in our lab outlines roles for multiple neural circuits spanning cortical-basal ganglia-thalamocortical loops, as well as the amygdala’s interaction with these circuits, in RL.
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