ELSC Seminar

Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences hosts Neuroscientists once a week to present their recent study.

The Weekly Seminar takes place at Classroom 2004, Goodman building.

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Seminars 2018-2019
Speaker When Topic
Prof. Noa Ofen Prof. Noa Ofen Development of memory systems in the human brain
Prof. Daniela Kaufer Prof. Daniela Kaufer Hippocampal plasticity shaping stress vulnerability
Dr. Hiromasa Takemura Dr. Hiromasa Takemura Using diffusion-weighted MRI to measure white matter pathways in the visual system
Dr. Yuval Nir Dr. Yuval Nir Sensory disconnection across sleep, anesthesia, and cognitive lapses: The role of reduced noradrenaline signaling
Jackie Schiller Prof. Jackie Schiller Cell type specific computation in primary motor cortex
Prof. Suzana Herculano-Houzel Prof. Suzana Herculano-Houzel Whatever works: the many ways to build a brain
Dr. Shir Atzil Dr. Shir Atzil Growing a social brain
Prof. Yael Hanein Prof. Yael Hanein Wearable high resolution electrophysiology in freely behaving humans
Dr. Bruno Averbeck Dr. Bruno Averbeck Neural systems underlying reinforcement learning
Dr. Ranit Aharonov &  Dr. Noam Slonim Dr. Ranit Aharonov & Dr. Noam Slonim Project Debater - How Persuasive can a Computer Be?
Prof. Kia Nobre Prof. Kia Nobre Remembering with the benefit of foresight
Prof. Nathaniel D. Daw Prof. Nathaniel D. Daw Approximate action evaluation: Habits and beyond
Seminar default image Prof. Kalanit Grill-Spector Neural Mechanisms of the Development of High-level Visual Cortex
Dr. Oren Shriki Dr. Oren Shriki Critical Brain Dynamics: Theoretical and Experimental Perspectives
Seminar default image Prof. Gaby Maimon Computations underlying spatial navigation in Drosophila