ELSC Seminar Series - ESS
Seminars 2019-2020
Speaker When Topic
Seminar default image Prof. Maria Chait How listeners track the changing statistics of rapidly unfolding auditory scenes – evidence from brain imaging and pupillometry
Seminar default image Prof. Cliff Kentros Using Enhancer-Driven Gene Expression (EDGE) to Study the Circuitry of Memory
Prof. György Buzsáki Prof. György Buzsáki Hippocampal Theta Oscillation: Mechanisms and Functions
Prof. Ifat Levy Prof. Ifat Levy Behavior and brain under uncertainty in health and disease
Dr. Bruce Hope Dr. Bruce Hope Molecular and cellular engrams in operant reward learning
Seminar default image Prof. Michael Häusser All-optical interrogation of neural circuits during behaviour
Seminar default image Dr. Sagi Jaffe-Dax The Integrating Brain Across Development
Prof. Dmitri Chklovskii  Prof. Dmitri Chklovskii A visual motion detector: From the connectome to a theory of transformation learning
Seminar default image Prof. Natan Bornstein Vascular cognitive impairment – The TABASCO Study
Dr. Meital Oren-Suissa Dr. Meital Oren-Suissa Sexually dimorphic neuronal circuits- from genes to synapses and behavior
Prof. Ari Rappoport Prof. Ari Rappoport A Comprehensive Mechanistic Biological Theory of Brain Function
Rita Schmidt Dr. Rita Schmidt Towards high spatial and/or temporal resolution fMRI at ultra-high field 7T human MRI
Dr. Nao Tsuchiya Dr. Nao Tsuchiya A search of an isomorphism between conscious experience and structure of information: an interdisciplinary program
Dr. Oren Forskosh Dr. Oren Forkosh The Neurobiology of Personality: Computational Approach to Connect Genes, Behavior, and Individuality
Prof. Opher Donchin Prof. Opher Donchin Noise, learning, and knowing in the motor system
Prof. Michael Shadlen Prof. Michael Shadlen A premotor circuit responsible for flexible decision making