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i24 NEWS – Interview with Prof. Ami Citri about coronavirus

At the front-line in dealing with Coronavirus is the broad nursing and medical community, which are at risk of running out of personal protective equipment. On the other hand, there is a tremendous recruitment of fantastic volunteer groups, who are interested in contributing their efforts and resources to producing the necessary equipment. We’ve built a volunteer website ( that will link the needs of medical protective equipment with volunteers who are ready to immediately meet these needs. Our goal is to reach all medical teams – departments, clinics, emergency services and nursing homes, as well as anyone who can contribute solutions – factories, personal manufacturers, makers, 3D printers, etc ( Our website coordinates the action of the different communities, meeting requests with standardized and validated solutions.

This website was developed by Mr. Itay Shalom, a cognitive science/computer science undergraduate student in the Citri lab. with the support of Itamar Frachtenberg of the ELSC Fabrication Lab, Dr. Shai Yerushalmi of the computer team of the School of Engineering and Dror Cebu of Rafael. The website has been adopted by the different active maker communities in Israel, and is currently being integrated under the umbrella of TOM (Tikun Olam Makers) for continuous implementation by the global maker community, for dealing with the coronavirus epidemic.

Prof. Ami Citri talking about coronavirus in i24 NEWS

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