Post-doctorate positions in system neuroscience

Post-doctorate positions in system neuroscience
Host PI: Marc H. Schieber at University of Rochester
Two post-doctoral positions for two different projects will be available later this year: 


1) One project will involve studying the population dynamics of mirror neurons in the motor and premotor cortex.

2) The other project will involve using intracortical microtimulation to deliver instructions in association cortical areas, extending our recent work in the premotor cortex (Mazurek, K.A., Schieber, M.H. (2017) Injecting Instructions in Premotor Cortex.  Neuron96(6):1292-1289.  [covered in the New York Times]


Both projects will entail working with macaques with implanted microelectrode arrays.   


Interested parties can contact by Email at