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Philanthropic Opportunities


  • Naming the state-of-the-art Jerusalem Brain Sciences Building
  • Naming a floor: Perception, Motion, Creativity, Cognition 
  • Naming the lobby  
  • Naming the Brain-Art Gallery
  • Naming the auditorium (250-person capacity)
  • Naming a seminar room:
    Creation, Imagination, Inspiration, Illumination, Innovation      
  • Naming a lecture hall: Neuron, Synapse, Axon
  • Naming a laboratory complex:
    Laboratory complexes each are home to different research topics including Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord activity, Alzheimer’s disease, learning and visual systems, neurodegenerative diseases, perception, and more.  Laboratory complexes include laboratory and office spaces, student areas, and functional support rooms.

Donations are also welcome for the following partial lab expenses:

  • The physical complex in which the laboratory is located
  • Research funding
  • Technicians and graduate students to staff each lab
  • Equipment

    The beautiful Jerusalem Brain Sciences Building, situated in the heart of Jerusalem near the Knesset, Israel Museum and other Jerusalem landmarks, will feature a unique high tech
    donor recognition area in the lobby.


The imaging center will serve all ELSC researchers and affiliates and is crucial to the exploration of the brain and nervous system.

  • fMRI
  • MEG
  • 3 2-photon imaging systems
  • Confocal system
  • Electron microscope



  • Postdoctoral fellowships abroad                
    A select group of HU graduates will be chosen for postdoctoral training abroad over the coming years
  • Doctoral fellowships                                
    Provides scholarships for the Center’s top students
  • New faculty recruitment                           
    Recruitment and absorption of promising faculty members
  • New faculty chair                                    
    Supports the recruitment of a leading scientist and creates an endowment to support a named chair in perpetuity
  • New faculty lectureship                            
    Supports the recruitment of a promising young scientist and creates an endowment to support a named lectureship in perpetuity


Please contact us for more information about ELSC's philanthropic opportunities