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Functional MRI -- The art of data acquisition (Part I)

Mini-workshop by Dr. Ben Inglis

Chief physicist, UC Berkeley Brain Imaging Center

February 22nd

Dr. Ben Inglis is the chief physicist and the main force behind the UC Berkeley Brain Imaging Center. He is an expert in MRI data acquisition specifically in the context of functional MRI.

While most courses, textbooks, and articles on fMRI concentrate on data post-processing and statistics, getting the best possible data is a prerequisite for any successful research. Dr. Inglis' blog practiCal fMRI: the nuts & bolts has been an invaluable resource for cognitive neuroscientists striving to get the best possible results from their scanners.

Dr. Inglis gave a workshop on data acquisition for fMRI. While it assumes some basic knowledge of MRI, it is directed at the neuroscientist user level.

Lecture slides are available as PDF here:

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