ELSC Seminar: Dr. Rafi Haddad - November 20th, 2018 at 13:00

November 20, 2018

ELSC cordially invites you to the lecture given by: 


Dr. Rafi Haddad 

Gonda Brain Research Center, Bar-Ilan University


On the topic of:

A novel circuit that can solve the odor identity puzzle


The lecture will be held on Tuesday, November 20th, at 13:00

at ELSC: Becker Auditorium, Goodman Brain Sciences Bldg., 

 Edmond J. Safra Campus 


Light refreshments at 12:45



Sensory input reaching the brain from bilateral and offset channels is nonetheless perceived as unified. This unity could be explained by simultaneous projections to both hemispheres, or inter-hemispheric information transfer between sensory cortical maps. Odor input, however, is not topographically organized, nor does it project bilaterally, making olfactory perceptual unity enigmatic. Here we report a circuit that interconnects mirror-symmetric isofunctional mitral/tufted cells between the mouse olfactory bulbs. Connected neurons respond to similar odors from ipsi- and contra-nostrils, whereas unconnected neurons do not respond to odors from the contralateral nostril. This connectivity is likely mediated through a one-to-one mapping from mitral/tufted neurons to the ipsilateral anterior olfactory nucleus pars externa, which activates the mirror-symmetric isofunctional mitral/tufted neurons glutamatergically. This circuit enables sharing of odor information across hemispheres in the absence of a cortical topographical organization, suggesting that olfactory glomerular maps are the equivalent of cortical sensory maps found in other senses.