Brain Awareness Week 2012 - in the press

News article and media about ELSC's activities during Brain Awareness Week 2012.

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A neurobiology expert takes a look at sound and the science of music at next week’s Cinema and Brain Week at the cinematheque.
10 Brain Myths
An Hebrew article presenting top 10 myths in brain research. Published on Ynet.
Globes: Cinema and Brain Week 2012
Today's editor suggestion: cinema and brain week. On Globes "Ha'erev' cover.
Achbar Hair: Cinema and Brain Week 2012
עכבר העיר שבוע קולנוע ומוח בסינמטק ירושלים - תקציר
Makor 1: Cinema and Brain Week 2012
פרסום במגזין מוצ"ש של מקור ראשון.
Zman Yerushalaim: Interview with Prof. Tishby
בגובה העיניים. ראיון עם פרופ' נפתלי תשבי.