Article of the Month, February 2018 (Meshorer's lab)

February 13, 2018

PARP1-dependent eviction of the linker histone H1 mediates immediate early gene expression during neuronal activation


Authors: Azad et al. (Meshorer's lab)
Published in: Journal of Cell Biology on December 2017

AOM 02018 meshorer 1


Hyperdynamic binding of the linker histone H1 is mediated by poly-ADP ribosylation in depolarized primary neurons

Neuronal activity leads to the expression of a special class of genes called immediate early genes (IEG). The Meshorer lab now identified a mechanism through which neuronal stimulation takes place. They show that neuronal activation leads to the release of a suppressor protein from DNA. This release is mediated by the action of a specific protein post-translation modification. These results demonstrate the relationship between neuronal excitation and DNA relaxation, regulating IEG expression in stimulated neurons.


AOM 022018 Meshorer 2