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The Jerusalem Brain Community (JBC)

The Jerusalem Brain Community (JBC) is the association of faculty and student brain researchers, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, who study the brain in health and disease. The JBC members come from diverse faculties of the university, including: The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine, the Department of Psychology, the Faculty of Agriculture, the Department of Musicology, and ELSC.

The JBC was founded through the generous support of the Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation. The JBC aims to promote brain research at the Hebrew University by supporting the establishment of new interdisciplinary collaborations between its members. A special attention is devoted to the younger generation of brain researchers (graduate and postdoctoral students).

Scholarships & Awards
To encourage future generations of brain researchers, the JBC offers support to its faculty members and scholarships to outstanding students from Israel and abroad. Fellowships enable the fellows to focus exclusively on their research in order to reach scientific and professional independence.

  • Post-doctoral Fellowship
  • Doctoral Fellowship
  • The JBC "Golden Opportunity" Scholarship for undergraduate students
  • Travel Grants to attend scientific meetings abroad
  • JBC Travel Exchange program for PIs and students
  • JBC SMART Brain Prize for a Selected Monthly Article
  • JBC organized symposia (see below)


PI and Student-initiated workshops
The JBC promotes the awareness to brain research, by supporting the organization of symposia and workshops. Some of the workshops are exclusively organized by brain research students. These workshops include up to 6 international speakers and they provide an extraordinary exposure for our young researchers to top scientists in their research fields.

Brain and Beer
The Jerusalem Brain Community holds regular meetings in different locations around Jerusalem, where short brain research lectures are given by our students. Known as “Brain and Beer” these events allow students and faculty to meet in an informal atmosphere, discuss their research and form new collaborations.

Annual retreat
Each year since 2014, JBC has organized an annual retreat to provide an opportunity to meet brain research colleagues from multidisciplinary fields, share and exchange ideas, and form new collaborations. JBC members, together with faculty members from other universities, present interdisciplinary views on current brain research issues.

Always based in an idyllic location, for example, the June 2019 three-day retreat that was attended by 75 students and 40 PIs, was held around the scenery Ramon Canyon.


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JBC Administrator: Ayelet Hatanian

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