Collaborations with Forschungszentrum (FZ) Jülich, as of Feb. 2019:


1. Neural substrates for logical operations - anatomico-functional convergences. 

In this project, we localize logical operations in the human brain, and compare the loci we uncover to those that support language processing. To this end, use fMRI and histological techniques to look for convergence between micro-anatomical and functional parcelations of neural tissue in the human left frontal lobes. 


Collaborators: Prof. Dr. Katrin Amunts and others at INM-1, FZ Jülich


2. Assistive tools for intra-operative language mapping in the awake neurosurgical patient.

Brain tumour resection operations are often performed on awake patients. That is, as neural tissue does not have sensory innervation, patients can be awake during parts of surgery, and assist the surgeon in creating an individualized functional map the exposed cortical tissue. Such maps are important, in that they provide the surgeon concrete indication about the functional role of brain parts that may have to be resected. Precision in characterizing their role is thus highly needed. In this joint project, we are developing new, more precise tools for anatomical and functional intra-operative mapping of the language regions of the human brain.


Collaborators: Prof. Dr. Katrin Amunts and others at INM-1, FZ Jülich, Prof. Dr. Michael Sabel, PD Marion Rapp, PD Marcel Kamp, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Düsseldorf.


3. Polarity in the aging brain.

In this project, we use behavioral and MR signal intensity measures in order to track down the effects of aging in highly specific cognitive processes. We explore the hypothesis that aging affects cognition highly selectively, and that this selectivity can be measured both behaviorally and through fMRI. 


Collaborators: Prof. Dr. Katrin Amunts, Prof Dr. Svenja Caspers, Prof. Dr. Stefan Heim, and others at INM-1, FZ Jülich