The France-Israel Center for Neural Computation

The France-Israel Laboratory for Neural Computation (FICNC), a “laboratory without walls”, was created in 2004 to promote collaborative research in neuroscience between the Hebrew University and their partners at the National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS), at Paris-Descartes University and University of Bordeaux in France.


FICNC scientific achievements have already translated into more than thirty publications in highly-ranked international journals and by contributing to the  training of a new generation of experimentalists and theoreticians capable of working in close cooperation.

The research program of FICNC tightly integrates theory and experiments. It has evolved along the years. Current research topics include:

  1.  Cortical processes underlying sensory information processing.
  2. Neurobiological substrate of cognitive/memory representation.
  3. Information-bounded rationality in learning and decision making.

FICNC is at the origin of the France-Israel Neuroscience and Neurology Society (FINNePS) which, since 2004, organizes a series of binational conferences in neuroscience held alternately in France and Israel. Last but not least, FICNC is strongly involved in NeuroBridges, a summer school in theoretical and experimental neuroscience, which brings together young researchers from France, Israel and originating from Arab and Moslem countries.

FICNC has already proven to be an extraordinary powerful tool of scientific cooperation, student training and networking. We are convinced that FICNC will continue to generate tight scientific links between the partner institutions and more generally between French and Israeli scientists in Brain Research.

FICNC is co-directed by Prof. Israel Nelken (HUJI, ELSC) and Dr. David Hansel (CNRS, France). It is supported by the CNRS, ELSC, the Medical and Heath National Research Institute (INSERM, France) as well as by grants of the French National Research Agency.