Graduate students

Nimrod Shaham

2018 Ph.D. Thesis submitted. Title: Working memory of continuous parameters in noisy neural networks.
Current position: Swartz postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Brain Science, Harvard University.

Ishay Mor
2014 M.Sc. in physics: Noise Induced Systematic Drift in Continuous Attractor Neural Networks. 
Current position: Algorithm developer, Optibus, Ltd.

Undergraduate students

Yoav Rubinstein

 Undergraduate project (Amirim honors program):
Emergence of diverse cluster sizes ininhibitory networks under STDP dynamics.

Itai Alpern

2017 Undergraduate project (Amirim honors program):
An idealized model for the dynamics of spatial working memory on a ring.

Yael Zak

2016 Undergraduate project (Amirim honors program and cognition):
The role of structural motifs in the spontaneous emergence of neuron assemblies structure.

Amit Aharon

2015 Undergraduate project (physics and life sciences): 
Is vernier acuity inuenced by peripheral features in the visual scene?

Alon Salhov

2014 Undergraduate project (Amirim honors program): 
Importance of difference in synaptic time constants onmaintaining information in a network of noisy neurons.

Avraham Moriel

2014 Undergraduate project (physics and cognition): 
Amount of single module grid cells needed for position estimation.

Gad Mintz

2013 Undergraduate project (Amirim honors program):
Information Decoding in the Vernier Task.

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