Prof. Alexander Binshtok

Dr. Shaya Lev

Lab Manager

Short Bio

2011-Present- Lab manger, Research Associate 

Binshtok lab,

2004-2010- Ph.D. in Physiology,   Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Thesis: “Investigating inherent properties of TRP channels and their role in physiologically relevant processes”, supervised by Prof. Minke                                                                                                                                                                       

2000-2001- M.Sc. in Brain and Behavioral Sciences, under the supervision of Prof' Micha Spira,    Department of Neurobiology, Life sciences faculty,

Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1997-1999- B.Sc. in Biology,       Life Sciences faculty,  Hebrew University, Jerusalem

Lab management:

Involved in all aspects of the lab ( administration, research assistance, technical assistance, assimilation of new technologies and calibrations)

Contributes to all scientific writing in the lab

Involved in pain research on the cellular level and interested in unvailing cellular processes in pain nociception 

Extended knowledge and expertise in optics, imaging  electrophysiology and two photon microscopy