Prof. Alexander Binshtok

Pain Plasticity Research Group

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Image of Dorsal Root Ganglion labelled by PainBow (Leibowich H., Binshtok Lab)


Honors and Prizes

2017 - Chair, Jacob and Lena Joels Memorial Foundation Senior Lectureship for Excellence in the Life and Medical Sciences

2016 - Innovation Forum Outstanding Visitors Award, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

2014 - Harvey Granat Award in Neuro-Anesthesia Research

2012 - The Prusiner - Abramsky Research Award in Clinical and Basic Neuroscience

2011 - Allon Fellowships for Outstanding Young Researchers

2010 - Edward and Millicent Carew-Shaw Distinguished Faculty Award

2010 - Golda Meir Fellowship Fund  Award

Short Bio

2010- Faculty - School of Medicine and ELSC, The Hebrew U., Mechanisms of Detection, Transmission and Perpetuation of Pain
2007-2010 Young Faculty - Harvard Medical School, Topics: Selective silencing of peripheral neurons to inhibit chronic pain and itch; mechanisms of inflammatory pain
2006-2007 Post Doc: Harvard Medical School and Mass General Hospital, Boston, MA, Supervisor Clifford Woolf, Topic: Targeted Delivery of Charged Sodium Channel Blockers to Produce Pain Selective Anesthesia
2006 PhD, Summa cum Laude, The Hebrew U, Supervisor: Mike Gutnick, Topic: Intrinsic and Synaptic Properties of Layer 4 Neocortical Neurons
1995, Bachelor Degree Summa Cum Laude, Physical Therapy


We are studying the complex mechanisms that underlie the experience of pain with the hope that a better understanding can lead to more successful methods of control and treatment. Our research into the diversity of pain phenomena adopts a multidisciplinary approach; it incorporates novel imaging techniques and electrophysiological, histological and behavioral experiments, to study pain-related mechanisms at the molecular and cellular level, as well as the level of neuronal networks and behavior. It is anticipated that this integrative approach will yield a fundamental understanding of the multidimensional mechanisms involved in the unremitting suffering of pain experienced by so many people. New targets for the treatment of pain will be  identified and lead to the development of new pain-specific anesthetic drugs which could eliminate the sensation of pain much more effectively than currently available painkillers.


Jacob and Lena Joels Memorial Foundation Senior Lectureship for Excellence in the Life and Medical Sciences

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