Olga  Aizenberg
BA in psychology and cognitive science MA in clinical neuropsychology PhD candidate in psychology Interested in the interaction between syntax and constituent order in spoken sentences
Luba Daikhin
PhD candidate
Orr Frenkel
  BA in psychology and linguistics, research Masters in Neuropsychology. Currently study for a clinical MA with in neuropsychology with an interest in central coherence in autism.
Ayelet  Gertsovski
BA in cognitive science and linguistics. ELSC PhD program. Interested in the underlying mechanism of dyslexia.
Eva Kelman
PhD candidate
Itay Lieder
  BSc in Physics and Cognitive science. ICNC graduate student (class of  2010-2011). Scientific Interests: Auditory information processing in the brain.
Tamar  Malinovitch
BA in cognitive science and Amirim (the honors program at the faculty of humanities). MA in learning disabilities. PhD candidate in cognitive science. Scientific Interests: reading and language production processes in Hebrew, auditory working memory training and generalization ability,&nbs
Gal  Vishne
BA in mathematics. ELSC PHD program (class of 2015-2016) Current research: The underlying perceptual charachteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorders, specifically auditory processing and sensory-motor integration.