Prof. Merav Ahissar

Research Topics

Ofri Raviv
putting it within a consistent conceptual framework (does it follow RHT predictions?) using behavioral, ERP and MEG measurements. Project with Srikantan Nagarajan, funded by NIH. 
EEG 64 channels
A search for a unified framework for studying the various manifestations of perceptual plasticity: Perceptual learning. Adaptation. Priming. What is the role of top-down control in each of these phenomena?
Reverse Hierarchy Theory
Exploring further the theory of reverse hierarchy (Ahissar & Hochstein, 1997) in the general context of perception.
The perceptual basis of cognitive abilities
What (if any) are the perceptual deficits that underlie cognitive difficulties in the general population? Are there cognitive "primitives"? Can they be probed with perceptual tasks?
The perceptual basis of reading and learning disabilities
What are the main visual and auditory processing difficulties that learning disabled suffer from? In what way are they functionally linked to their cognitive difficulties.
The relations between perception in the lab using simple, out of context, stimuli and natural perception
The project aims to assess the dynamics of visual processing as revealed by behavior, patterns of eye movements and ERP. Particularly, to what extent global stimulus characteristics dominate initial perception compared with local aspects that do not impact the categorical level (i.e.