Article of the Month

Article of the Month, 06/2017 - Burak's lab
Slow diffusive dynamics in a chaotic balanced neural network Authors: Shaham & Burak Published in PLoS Computational Biology, May 2017   Summary:
Article of the Month, 06/2017 - Minke's lab
Authors: Voolstra et al. (Baruch Minke's Lab)
Article of the Month, April 2017 - Nelken's lab
Stimulus-specific adaptation in a recurrent network model of primary auditory cortex  
Article of the Month, 04/2017 - Minke's lab
Ectopic expression of mouse melanopsin in Drosophila photoreceptors reveals fast response kinetics and persistent dark excitation
Article of the Month, March 2017 - Deouell's lab
Neural mechanisms of rhythm-based temporal prediction: Delta phase-locking reflects temporal predictability but not rhythmic entrainment
Article of the Month 02/2017 - Segev's lab
Unique membrane properties and enhanced signal processing in human neocortical neurons    
Article of the Month 02/2017 - Ahissar's lab
February 1, 2017 - February 28, 2017
Dyslexics’ faster decay of implicit memory for sounds and words is manifested in their shorter neural adaptation Abstract:
Article of the Month 01/2017 - Burak's lab
Shaping Neural Circuits by High Order Synaptic Interactions - Neta Ravid Tenenbaum and Yoram Burak - PLoS Computational Biology, 2016
Article of the Month January 2017 - Mizrahi's lab
Distinct Spatiotemporal Response Properties of Excitatory Versus Inhibitory Neurons in the Mouse Auditory Cortex Ido Maor, Amos Shalev, and Adi Mizrahi
Article of the Month December 2016
Pallidal spiking activity reflects learning dynamics and predicts performance  Eitan Schechtman, Maria Imelda Noblejas, Aviv D. Mizrahib, Omer Dauber, Hagai Bergman