Heller Lecture Series in Computational Neuroscience

In 2002, Morven and Michael Heller from London, a generous and philanthropic family, decided to donate an annual sum of 15,000 pound to establish at the ICNC a high profile series of lectures entitled "The Heller Lecture Series in Computational Neuroscience". The primary aim of this unique lecture series is to acquaint the interested public with the most recent excitement in brain research. Each year, four word-renown researchers visit the Hebrew University for a week long where they deliver two talks, one for the general public and the other more technical at the weekly seminar of the ICNC.

Early on, with top scientists visiting, such as Mickey Goldberg (Columbia Univ.), Bert Sakmann (Hiedelberg), Susan Greenfield (Oxford), Michal Fee (MIT), Rodolfo Llinas (NYU), Christof Koch (Caltech) among others, and covering fascinating range of topics from movement control, cortical processing, consciousness, birds song, Art and neuroscience, language and many more, the "Heller Lecture Series in Computational Neuroscience" became the most prestigious lecture series at the Hebrew University and a source of intellectual excitement for the many hundreds of attendees from all over the country that come to enjoy these lectures.

The Hebrew University, and in particular  ELSC and ICNC, are indebted to the Hellers for their vision and generosity and for making us all aware of our miraculous brain.


Recorded Heller Lectures are available online on ELSC media channel:

Heller Lectures 2014-2015

Heller Lectures 2013-2014

Yves Frégnac
June 10, 2014
Heller Lecture Series in Computational Neuroscience
Heller Lecture - Prof. Eve Marder
May 13, 2014
On the topic of: "Animal to animal variability and robust behavior to environmental challenge"

Heller Lectures 2012-2013

Heller Lecture - Prof. Carla Shatz
June 4, 2013
On the topic of "Brain Circuit Tuning During Developmental Critical Periods"
Heller Lecture - Prof. Xiaoqin Wang
February 12, 2013
On the topic of "Pitch and Harmonicity Representations in Auditory Cortex"

Heller Lectures 2011-2012

Heller Lecture - Alexander Borst
June 12, 2012
Title of the lecture: Neural Circuits in the Cockpit of the Fly
Heller Lecture - Bart de Strooper
May 29, 2012
On the topic of: “The amyloid cascade hypothesis and opportunities for therapeutic developments”

Heller Lectures 2010-2011

Heller Lecture - Prof. Isabel Gauthier
June 1, 2011
On the topic of: "What the perceptual expert cannot tell you"
Eric Young
March 1, 2011
On the topic of: "Plasticity in the brain is not always good: examples from hearing impairmen"
Previous years Heller lectures
Archive list and videos of Heller lectures from previous years.