Requirements, application procedures and forms


The successful candidate will have a demonstrated record of excellence in his/her field. Applicants are expected to work closely with other research teams and develop a solid theoretical and computational foundation in their area of research. Specific emphasis will be placed on interdisciplinary research that uses molecular, optical and electrophysiological methods for manipulating neuronal networks that are directly related to specific behaviors.
Prospective applicants are invited to browse the ELSC website and contact relevant researcher(s).

Prospective applicants are invited to follow the application instructions in the attached files below
and contact relevant researcher(s).

The applications will be reviewed twice a year, last date to submit applications are as follow:
1) November 30th
2) May 1st

Applications should be submitted online:


Questions may be sent to brain@elsc.huji.ac.il

This page was last updated on November 9, 2014.

student looks through microscope